Our Balloons

Lindstrand balloons

Our Lindstrand 260 'A' Type (ZK-FBL) and Lindstrand 240 'A' Type (ZK-FBK) are manufactured by Lindstrand Balloons Limited in Oswestry, Shropshire, UK.

The volume of the envelopes, the fabric part of the balloon,  is 260,000 cubic feet or 7,368 cubic metres for the 260 'A' while the 240 'A' has a volume of 240,000 cubic feet or 6,800 cubic metres

The air is heated by a Lindstrand 'Jetstream' Series 2 Triple burner which can produce a heat output of 15,000,000 Btu's per burner or approximately 4,390 kW!

The company was founded by Per Lindstrand who has held most hot air ballooning records at some time.

Per Lindstrand now runs Lindstrand Technologies Limited also in Oswestry.

Kavanagh balloon

The Kavanagh E-160 is built in Mt Kuring-Gai, Sydney, Australia by Kavanagh Balloons Ltd, Australia's only balloon manufacturer.

The volume of the envelope is 140,000 cubic feet or 3,968 cubic metres. The air is heated by a Kavanagh double burner which produces 12,000,000 Btu's per burner or approximately 3,500 kW.

Kavanagh Balloons Ltd was founded in 1979 by Phillip Kavanagh.