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23rd February 2018

Picture perfect!

16th February 2018

Xīnnián kuàilè

Happy Chinese New Year

Xīnnián kuàilè #purenewzealand#hotairballoonsqt #queenstownlive #hotairballoon

8th February 2018

View from our office!

13th January 2018

FBU and FBL flying commercial flights and Matt flying RKB(wee yellow)!
Keep it coming summer 2017/2018
#hotairballoonsqt #purenewzealand #queenstownnz #nzmustdo

28th December 2017

Thanks Carrick, Ben and team for a great morning, a day to remember.

8th December 2017

Foxtrot Bravo Uniform cruising down the Shotover River whilst the Remarkables tower overhead!

2nd December 2017

Summer off to a great start!
#nzmustdo #purenewzealand #hotairballoonsqt

30th November 2017

Great day for a balloon ride!

22nd November 2017

Balloon with a view and a half this morning :)

19th November 2017

What a morning, perfect!

6th October 2017

We managed to catch a few rays of sunshine this morning..

13th September 2017

6500 ft above the Wakatipu Basin this morning. Great bunch of people flying with us today..

4th September 2017

A magnificent morning out there this morning.. Rising up to 7,500 ft above Arrowtown & Millbrook Resort, surrounded by the snow covered Southern Alps..

24th August 2017

Josh doing his first solo flight in FAL Ferrari Balloon and Matt clicking over 50hrs Pilot in command!
Nice work boys!

22nd August 2017

Rough morning at 8000ft!
#purenewzealand #hotairballoonsqt #queenstownlive

9th August 2017

Few shots of FBL and Matt training in RKB!
#hotairballoonsqt #pureNewzealand #queenstownlive

2nd August 2017

Here are a couple of pretty nice in-flight photos from our flight on the 29th July..

26th July 2017

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6th July 2017

Frosty start.. Perfect day for ballooning..

31st May 2017

Our training pilot Josh Wilson, taking the Ferrari balloon out for another spin this morning.. .

29th May 2017

Drifting over Millbrook Resort after lift-off this morning. Then climbing up to 9000 ft above The Wakatipu Basin.. Spectacular..!

15th May 2017

Some magic weather for ballooning!
#purenewzealand #nzmustdo #hotairballoonsqt #queenstownlive

1st May 2017

Lift-off this morning with the first dusting of snow on the mountains for the season...

27th April 2017

Autumn Magic!
#hotairballoonsqt #purenz #arrowtown #queenstownlive