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21st April 2017

Good morning Arrowtown..!

17th April 2017

Featuring our Kavanagh Balloons, B-350 what a beast!
Perfect balloon weather!
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8th April 2017

Today we welcome FBU into the fleet with her maiden voyage, complementing FBL perfectly! Cheers to everyone who flew with us today!

7th April 2017

Beautiful day for flying today, happy flyers!

29th March 2017

Perfect Autumn weather for this mornings flight..

20th March 2017

Yesterday's Sunrise from 6000ft and reflection over Lake Hayes!
#queenstownlive #purenewzealand #hotairballoonsqt

9th March 2017

Perfect start to the day!
#hotairballoonsqt #queenstownlive #purenewzealand #NZmustdo #lakehayes

28th February 2017

#hotairballoonsqt #queenstownlive #purenewzealand

Sunset last night, followed up by an awesome sunrise!

24th February 2017

Just perfect for Hot Air Ballooning above Queenstown this morning..

24th February 2017

Thanks for stopping by summer 2017!
#hotairballoonsqt #purenewzealand #queenstownlive

18th February 2017

Great spot of weather old chap!

18th February 2017

Beautiful day for it, hope everyone is enjoying the sun at last!

17th February 2017

Congratulations to Penny & Jo - Beautiful wedding in our Balloon this morning..

11th February 2017

Once the cloud cleared it was a magic day!
#purenewzealand #hotairballoonsqt #queenstownlive

9th February 2017

Sunrise! Not too shabby!
#purenewzealand #hotairballoonsqt #queenstownlive

9th February 2017

Fantastic day for flying! Hope everyone makes the most of the sunshine today!

30th January 2017

Stunning sunrise this morning!
#queenstownlive #purenewzealand #hotairballoonsqt

28th January 2017

Perfect day flying over lake Hayes!

14th January 2017

Looking towards the west, FBK and Lake Wakatipu with a magic Sky!

11th January 2017

We love summer sunrises!

6th January 2017

Laser etching of nameplate for our new balloon ZK-FBU at Kavanagh Balloon factory, Sydney Australia!